MAINSITE: Photography Exhibition: Ann Sherman, Joshua Meier, Esteban Pulido, Trent Still July 23rd – September 4th, 2010

Ann Sherman
MAINSITE Contemporary Art: Contemporary Photography Exhibition
Exhibition Dates: July 24th-September 4th, 2010
Opening Reception: Friday, August 13th, 6-10pm
Hours of Operation: Weds-Sat, 11:30-5pm

MAINSITE Contemporary Art is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition of photography works by Anne Sherman,
Esteban Pulido and Joshua Meier. July 24th through September 4th, 2010. Opening Reception, Friday, August 13th, 6-10 pm
in conjunction with the Norman Arts Council’s 2nd Friday.

This particular exhibition is the inaugural exhibition to promote a new national photography competition designed by
MAINSITE Contemporary Art to encourage the medium of photography as a fine art form, and to provide 5 photographers
with exposure, support and recognition. More details will be available August 2010 at
This competition, to be held in August of 2011, will be open to any photographer, not currently enrolled in a
school facility, capable of submitting up to 5 images, chosen from within a body of work, with the intent of
exhibiting the entire body, if chosen by the jurors of the competition. 5 artists will be selected for exhibition and
cash awards will be given to the jurors choice and the 4 other exhibitors. Along with the submission of images artists must include the MAINSITE Photo Competition
entry form pdf, available for download August 2010, along with the mandatory Submission fee of $35, for up to a total of
5 images. Images should be 800 pixels wide and 72dpi with a .jpg or .jpeg image extension. The maximum file size for each
image submitted is 2MB. Please submit via email only. Unsolicited hard copy submissions will not be considered for
competition. Submissions are not returned. Do not send original materials. Jurors, rules and awards of the competition
are to be announced in August 2010. Check in August of 2010 for deadlines and more information.

Specializing in architectural photography, Ann Sherman documents form and space with expert detail as
a professional commercial photographer and has been published many times over, in both periodicals and large format Art
documentation books.
This body of work exhibiting at the MAINSITE is a group of her fine art photography, depicting small antique
toy soldiers in natural environments using a pinhole camera as her capturing device. Ann Sherman’s mastery
of photography allows her to create the suspension for the viewer of that fantastical moment where one determines
whether the soldiers are actually moving.
Sherman has exhibited in the International Photography Hall of Fame as well as at PhotoSeptembri in
San Antonio Texas, and her work is part of many prominent collections.

Joshua Meier’s work encompasses ideas concerning labor, personal myths, futility,
Suspension, collection, struggle, ritual, materiality, and something called that Meier calls the
Beautiful confusion. Meier was raised on the plains of western Oklahoma and west Texas.
He came from a family of farmers, teachers, and evangelical preachers. This body of work Meier will exhibit at the
MAINSITE is a group of staged ‘scene’ photographs of direct from Meier’s own imagination. Meier also finds artistry
in the process of developing the photograph and installs work so that the viewer can see the curls of the paper and
the stain of the developing chemicals.
Joshua Meier has exhibited extensively including a solo exhibition at the Missoula Art Museum in Missoula, Montana.
Meier is currently completing his Masters Degree in Fine Art from the University of Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Joshua Meier

Born in Venezuela, Esteban Pulido has exhibited in Oklahoma, Kansas, and South Carolina.
The body of work Pulido will exhibit at the MAINSITE is a series he calls People and Where They Live, exploring people
and their homes, particularly, the exterior of people’s homes and how the viewer might or might not be able to find a
relationship between the person in the photograph and the house behind them. Through the process of capturing the images
in a similarly structured and straightforward manner, the viewer is directed to observe the images as a group and form
their own conclusions and narratives about the relationships between the physical appearance of a person and their home.
Esteban Pulido will be attending the School of Art Institute of Chicago as a Master of Finer Arts candidate in the fall
of 2010.

For more information please contact Christian Pitt, Director at, or
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