Gloss and Grime ~ Group Show

Opening Friday November 12th, 6-10pm, and showing through December 4th, 2010.
Gloss and Grime is a group show without a specific theme. As the group began to meet and talk they discovered that the work they are creating was mostly black and white with a spattering of color, so by default a theme arose. The title came as discussion continued that all of the work had an element of polished exteriors and gritty interiors, and the juxtoposition of those two concepts, thus Gloss and Grime. The polish can be seen in the finished framed works but the grit is in the sketches and process research documentation that will be available for patrons to see. This group of dynamic artists came together as a reincarnation of a previous group show at MAINSITE called Chrome Chocolate, lead by David Crismon.

The focus of the exhibit is the opening party and the idea of bringing art to a price level of purchase for everyone. This exhibit has a strong drawing component with photography and interactive installation. Artists will be providing less expensive prints of their work, an installation for the opening event, to provide a art experience for patrons, and Santa Fe artist Dan Heidebrecht creating a sound experience.

From Seattle, Debra Di Blasi’s interactive work is a puzzle of sorts dealing with the redacted declassified documents and how they can be mixed and matched to create different imagery. Patrons will be encouraged to take pieces from one side of the wall and insert them into the other side of the wall and see how the pieces create other images. MAINSITE is looking forward to seeing the process and interaction that our patrons become involved in with this dynamic show.

The group also includes work by David Crismon, Christian Pitt, Jerrod Smith, Jansen Sterba, Adam Stewart and Dylan Bradway.