MAINSITE Contemporary Art, established in 1999, is now the home of the Norman Arts Council. The vision and purpose of MAINSITE Contemporary Art will remain at the heart of the gallery. However, the NAC offices in the space and maintains control of the gallery and all MAINSITE operations. For questions regarding the change, MAINSITE Contemporary Art, or the Norman Arts Council, please call us at 405-360-1162.

Hours of Operation:
Exhibition hours:
Tuesday-Saturday 11:00am – 4:00pm
2nd Friday of each month 6 – 10pm
and by appointment
Phone: 405-360-1162



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Submissions Policy:
MAINSITE is a contemporary commercial art gallery with exhibitions that rotate approximately every 6-8 weeks. The Norman Arts Council will continue to exhibit contemporary art throughout the year and welcomes all submissions by artists.

All submissions should be addressed to MAINSITE Submissions.

• Please, submit a resume or biography.
• Include your address, phone number and e-mail address.
• 10-20 quality images. We prefer digital images, clearly labeled with your name, title, media and dimensions. All work should be within a body of work.
• Please, do not send original materials. Submissions will not be returned!